Lowest Propane Prices Company Agreement

LowestPropanePrices.com is not a propane supply company. LowestPropanePrices.com is a website that allows propane dealers to sell their propane online. The website acts solely as platform for the propane dealer to find consumers looking for propane.
Dealers agree to the following:
1. Dealers who sell propane on LowestPropanePrices.com agree not to hold LowestPropanePrices.com responsible for any form of errors in delivery, errors in pricing, property damage, problems with heating system, running out of propane or any faults that were sustained in error or by accident by supplier or consumer. LowestPropanePrices.com's only purpose is to provide a convenient avenue for suppliers to promote their business and for consumers to purchase propane.
2. Exclusive Supplier Agreement : Propane dealers or their affiliated companies who participate in LowestPropanePrices.com will have the benefit of the LowestPropanePrices.com website that receives on thousands of visitors every month. We reserve the right to remove a dealer LowestPropanePrices.com if they do not remain exclusive to LowestPropanePrices.com. Exclusivity does not include your own website or website directories, It refers to websites that specifically sell propane / propane leads online and or your company or an affiliated company is a supplier. We recognize that propane companies have been using certain websites for years and this only applies to all websites in business selling propane / propane leads after 2016. Companies that decide to leave our service can rejoin again after a six month waiting period
3. Dealers agree that their Cash propane prices and Credit Card propane prices posted on LowestPropanePrices.com will not exceed their own prices(including promotions or rebates) quoted over the telephone or displayed on their own website plus the current LowestPropanePrices.com commission fee.
4. LowestPropanePrices.com does not guarantee that cash customers will be home when delivery is scheduled. Dealers should contact the consumer prior to delivery.
5. LowestPropanePrices.com supplier fee for receiving an order from a consumer is $5. This is a flat fee and remains the same regardless of how much propane is delivered. If the dealers is unable to deliver and returns the order email with the words "failure" to LowestPropanePrices.com within 4 days of receipt of the order he dealer will not charge the $5 fee.
6. No promotions or discounts can be offered to customers on current or future deliveries. This includes "refer a friend" type promotions or discounts on the next delivery.
7. All delivery orders received by LowestPropanePrices.com will be forwarded via by email. Additionally the consumer and LowestPropanePrices.com will receive a copy of the email.
8. All invoicing for transaction fees or commission will be done via email. Invoices are to be paid upon receipt. If the LowestPropanePrices.com invoice is not paid within 30 days we will use any and all means necessary to get paid.
9. LowestPropanePrices.com reserves the right to remove any company from LowestPropanePrices.com at their discretion for any reason whatsoever.
10. LowestPropanePrices.com is not responsible for any technical or software related failures of any kind. Under no circumstance will LowestPropanePrices.com or its suppliers be liable for any damages or injury that result from the use of the LowestPropanePrices.com website.
11. Dealers agree not to show it's name or any slogans etc. that allow the company to be easily identified.
12. LowestPropanePrices.com will remove any Dealer that actively persuades a customer not to use LowestPropanePrices.com for their future propane needs or offers to price match LowestPropanePrices.com.
13. There is no requirement to use the LowestPropanePrices.com website. The propane company can start or stop using LowestPropanePrices.com at anytime.
14. We reserve the right to change the terms and as and when needed. We encourage you to check back often. Last updated May 9, 2016.
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